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Thank you for visiting my online photo gallery. I am currently either somewhere taking pictures or doing something else that requires my immediate attention. My gallery is open for viewing. When you see something you want or have any questions, feel free to contact me or click the BUY button to purchase what you desire. You may visit the site any day, anytime.


Photography, as well as performing arts, have always resonated with my personality. My passion for photographing everyday people and artists however is quite deep. So the transition to professional photography was inevitable. Family and friends always knew if I was invited to an event, I, indeed, would have a camera… In fact, that might be the only reason i was invited. In any case, most of the time they were right. I would have a little camera stashed in my handbag. I believe that wherever your passions lie, your need to do it becomes ever more inherent. Even as a novice photographer, my photographs reveal that passion. I believe that documenting one’s life to the fullest extent is extremely important.

So please let me capture a moment in your life and the essence of your being. As a performing artist, i have a special interest in shooting actors, models, entertainers and generally stage productions. It is my belief that an artist's work should be captured live while in the moment of their character's truth. "No flash" photography is offered for stage productions if preferred. For your next production or event, headshot/portraiture portfolio, please choose IMAGES BY TANJA. It will not only be a photo session; it will be an experience. Arts and entertainment aside, i also shoot celebratory events, wedding, bridal and baby showers, boudoir, interior and exterior scenes.

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