Welcome to IMAGES BY TANJA...formerly
A division of Dramatic Expressions Entertainment & Production Company

Thank you for visiting my online photo gallery. I am currently either somewhere capturing the heart, soul and activities of the community or doing something else that requires my immediate attention. My gallery is open for viewing. You may visit the site any day, anytime.

I am a southern belle who migrated from the Big Easy to the Big Apple to release my talents and to discover my place in the nation’s capital. Photography, as well as performing arts, have always resonated with my personality and have been a passion of mine since high school. So the transition in becoming a professional freelance photographer and visual storyteller was inevitable. Family and friends always knew if I was invited to an event, I, indeed, would have a camera of some kind… In fact, that might be the only reason I was invited. In any case, most of the time they were right. I would have a little camera stashed in my handbag. I believe that wherever your passions lie, your need to do it consistently becomes ever more inherent and the documentation of one’s life’s passion is not only important but serves as a reminder of who you are and have become. My photographs will reveal that passion. I believe that documenting one’s life to the fullest extent is extremely necessary.

IMAGES BY TANJA specializes in photographing actors, models, entertainers, stage productions/concerts, red carpet arrivals and events held within the community. The natural progression of this passion had led me to embrace photojournalism, videography and media outlets in order to give credence to the visual storytelling through broader platforms.

Arts and entertainment aside, IMAGES BY TANJA also photographs celebratory events, family reunions, weddings, bridal and baby showers, boudoir, still and moving interior and exterior scenes for film productions and real estate property.

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